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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Home!

So check it out, I've decided to get back into the blogging game but with a twist.

We're hooking up a brand new pvp casual blog. I'm working on it as a collaboration with a friend. And whoever we can con into posting for us haha! If you somehow ended up on this semi retired site and want some new hotness head on over to:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Interm Main - Easylay!

Long time no post!

What have I been up to you may ask? Finally after a year plus of playing hunter pretty much exclusivly shift has been abandoned to once a week arena play.

I am leveling finally an alt. I'm going 100% a new way with this alt. On the PTR its always other PvP class/specs. All my other alts in their 20-30's are enhancement shamans or frost mages. This guy is going to be my PvE homeboy. What class and spec you ask?

Protection Paladin baby!

I'm reading up on the goodies at who I need to add to my sidebar woohoo. I watched a few videos of mid 30's-40's prot paladins AOE farming 7 or so mobs and I was impressed. I mean its like feral but different. I get to have a very solo viable spec even if its a bit slow and I get to learn how to tank. So far my little wonder in just a few days (IRL not /played) has successfully cleared RFC, WC and SFK and is pimped out in the sexiest tanking mail available! Pally tanking is absolutely a blast expecialy the more mobs there are. I seem to excell in large pull mayhem.

The things I like is its a cool cross I'll be a spell dmg tank. I get to stack stats I never used on shift. The huge thing is I'm enjoying PvE in a different roll. You get very bored of wait for threat, pew pew pew. As the pally I get to control the pace of an instance. I get to run right in and start up the brawl.

Things I'm still getting used to are mostly the pally taunt. Its a pain to have to split second pick the party member rather than the mob. I'm pretty bad with catching it before it hits them which won't cut it say at 70 in a heroic.

I'm really pumped up playing this class. In a few days I've ground out the entire BE starting area (which is way better done than the other horde areas), tanked a bit (and not to shabby!!) and I even ran WSG last night at 24 (lol). I actualy scored despite being under the level cap for the bracket I has BOK to stam me up some and plus good armor/block and +3% hit from my tree and -6% dmg from imp Fury. I was a pain to bring down baby! I even smoked a twink hunter. Granted I used Bubble and LoH to do it but hey. He went down like what!

More updates coming soon. Hopefully I can finish my pally quest out in BFD tonight!